How to care for your TAILORING

To help you take care of your suit, we have put together a few easy-to-follow tips and recommendations.

  1. Creasing?

    If your suit is creased, try hanging it in the bathroom while running a hot, steamy shower – that should do the trick! In case you need a more thorough steam, use a handheld steamer or a steam iron to remove creases. Be careful not to iron directly on the surface of the suit as the heat can damage the fibers and leave the surface looking shiny. Instead, attach a cotton cloth or a Teflon™ shoe to your iron to shield from directly applied heat.

  1. How to store your suit

    When you are not wearing your suit we recommend you hang and store it in a dustproof garment bag, to make sure that your suit stays fresh. An added bonus: Hanging your suit allows creasing to straighten out naturally – and saves you the extra work. Leave the zipper open in order to let air circulate. Invest in a good quality wooden hanger that fits the size of your jacket in order to support the shape of the shoulders. Fold your trousers at the creases and hang it either upside down with a clip hanger or folded at the knee. Hanging a suit properly when not used ensures the shape and fitting of the suit lasts longer.

  2. Upkeep

    During regular use, your suit will likely be exposed to dirt and dust. Remember to gently brush your suit every once in a while in order to remove any lint. The fabric brush - an environmentally friendly alternative to dry cleaning - is ideal for this purpose and should work even on larger marks. If in doubt about more exhaustive upkeep, leave it to your dry cleaner to assist you. Please note, though, that dry cleaning is hard on your suits. The chemicals used in dry cleaning will wear away the natural fibers and take years off its lifespan. So, limit your dry cleaning to just once a year and only if needed. We recommend using an eco-friendly dry cleaner whenever possible for a more environmentally gentle approach.

  1. Let your suit breathe

    Day-to-day wear will cause your suit to hold a slight odor. Give your suit at least a day of rest after each use. Make sure to let your suit air in a ventilated room for a couple of days.

  2. Expert in-store staff

    You are always welcome to stop by your local SELECTED store to get even more how-to-care advice from our expert in-store staff.