Joseph Ekoko

Editor, art consultant, freelance creative specialist and self-named flaneur. The multi-talented Joseph Ekoko bears a lot of titles and comes originally from Paris. With an especially fine-tuned eye for fashion, Joseph is a strong advocate for a modern take on timeless classics.

/ Please, describe yourself in just 3 words?

Solitary. Creative. Curious.

/ What do you do for a living?

I work as a freelance creative consultant and researcher for companies that operate within the artistic and creative industries. On the other hand, I cultivate my own artistry at the crossroads of poetry, visual art and dance.

/ Your style in short?

Subtle. Trend-independent. Personal.

/ Where do you typically find fashion inspiration?

Outside of what’s current within the fashion world. Work and utility wear, traditional styles and retro archives are my way to go. I personally dive a lot into African and diasporic aesthetics.

/ What does fashion mean to you as a creative?

Fashion should serve as a window into your soul, a window into your existential style. To dress yourself can already be very creative and explorative.

/ What do you look for when shopping clothes?

Clothes need to have an history. I rarely buy new clothes, but if so, I value when classics are transcended by genuine contemporary re-interpretation.

/ What’s your SELECTED story?

SELECTED’s touch somehow merges with mine in its approach and focus upon timelessness and classics to engage in the present world. So being part of this story feels very natural.

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