How to care for your SHOES

With proper maintenance, your shoes will last much longer.

  1. To prevent stains

    Apply leather polish or use SELECTED’s waterproof protection spray to prevent water stains and dirt from sticking to the surface of the shoes. If you are using SELECTED’s protection spray, here are a few helpful tips: Give the canister a good shake before spraying it onto your footwear. Make sure the shoes are dry when you apply the spray. Lay a towel down and spray from a 15 cm distance onto the surface of the shoes. A pair of worn in leather shoes might need a second application. Leave the shoes to dry at least one hour before the second application. Allow drying before use.

  2. Hydrate your leather shoes

    Our SELECTED Shoe Cream has been developed to hydrate smooth leather and provide a protective finish. Once your shoe is clean and dried off, massage the cream into the leather areas of your shoe. Gently squeeze the tube and apply the cream sparingly with the sponge applicator using a circular movement. Allow to dry and then buff with a clean towel. Allow your shoes to dry for three hours before exposing to water.

  1. Gently scrub clean

    First, to clean your leather, nubuck, suede, and fabric footwear you can apply our SELECTED Foam Cleaner that gently removes grime. Simply apply a small amount of foam to the surface of the shoe. Using a sponge or brush, gently work the foam in circular motions to remove dirt from the surface. Lightly rinse and leave to dry. Prep your leather shoes for a conditioning treatment by wiping the entire shoe dry.

  2. Leather soles

    Some of our leather shoes have a smooth leather sole. This is a sign of fine craftsmanship and makes for an elegant expression. While the leather sole is tough and durable, regular use will wear it down. Rubber is more resilient and the soles are easily replaceable. Accordingly, when you purchase SELECTED shoes with leather soles, you get a pair of complimentary rubber soles. Pay your local cobbler a visit to have the soles glued on. Feel free to ask your SELECTED in-store staff to recommend a cobbler to assist you.