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199,90 Fr.
Selected CLASSIC TRENCHCOAT, Overcast, highres - 16082514_Overcast_003.jpg
139,90 Fr. 199,90 Fr.
Curve Collection
Selected DOUBLE BREASTED TRENCHCOAT, Cornstalk, highres - 16084815_Cornstalk_003.jpg
Selected LONG TEDDY COAT, Chinchilla, highres - 16081637_Chinchilla_003.jpg
59,95 Fr. 199,90 Fr.
Curve Collection
Selected CURVE DOWN JACKET, Black, highres - 16083118_Black_003.jpg
280,00 Fr.
Selected LONGLINE DOWN JACKET, Prism Pink, highres - 16080428_PrismPink_003.jpg
74,95 Fr. 249,90 Fr.
Selected WOOL COAT, Camel, highres - 16082865_Camel_905249_003.jpg
65,95 Fr. 219,90 Fr.
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Selected WOOL COAT, Black, highres - 16082865_Black_003.jpg
87,95 Fr. 219,90 Fr.
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Women's Coats

If you're looking to invest in women's coats that you can wear now and later, look no further. Below you'll find a comprehensive and varied selection of new season coats that work just as well with a summer wardrobe as they do a winter one. Scroll to find long coats, pea coats, parkas, and dress coats for women. Whatever the weather, these versatile outerwear options will see you through every season in style. One coat in particular has proved a year-in-and-year-out classic. Chic, elegant, and cut to flatter: the trench coat has serious wardrobe staying power. Shop all our women's coats below. Click to find an even larger selection of outerwear and leather jackets. Make sure you browse our range of shoes to complete your look.