Lead singer of a band with a law degree? This rare breed exists in Christian Bonne, practicing law by day and lead singer of synth-pop band, Saint Best, by night. He may be following the law, but the man is no stranger to breaking the office dress code. We met up with the stage headliner to see how exactly he navigates style in-between hearsay and habeas corpus.

Here’s what he had to say.


“Summer’s favorite tee shirt can skip the golf course and head straight to the office. Buttoned all the way to the top makes for something a bit more formal – all while giving your suit a little office edge.”


“And replace it with a great jacket. I lean pro-suede; and when it’s done in something special like a bomber jacket, it’s the perfect substitute for a sports jacket.”


“Want to really test the waters at the office? Flash a little skin… that is, some ankle skin. It’s perfect for the summer heat and always a conversation starter in the office coffee room.”


“Think tee shirts under blazers, sneakers instead of brogues… the mix of sportswear with classic tailoring leaves you feeling all the more comfortable, yet still sharp and put-together.”

Christian on stage at SPOT Festival in Aarhus, Denmark.

A special thanks to Horten Law Firm