HOMME Design Manager, Daniel Struzinski, knows a thing or two about creating a sartorial DNA. We asked this guy’s guy who has a preference for the classics to show us how he’d maneuver summer ‘17’s top tendencies. The trend tutorial took us to Daniel’s home city of Aarhus, Denmark – at the communal work lab Lynfabrikken – Daniel’s work-home away from work.


“We’ve seen the Cuban collar for a couple seasons in a row now. It’s still daring for a lot of men out there, but high time for guys who prioritize style to take their collars on a trip to the Caribbean. How to spot a true Cuban? Look for the two-tiered pointed collars which sit at the collar bone.”


“We’ve seen suede in motorcycle jackets, shirts and for some… even shorts. I like the idea of doing it in a way that feels different, but still masculine. We’ve done it in a cargo pocket jacket that you would normally see in heavy cotton. It’s just something a bit more special in suede.”


“Floral prints are showing up in everything from Japanese inspired motifs to tropical vacation shirts. We’ve covered the spectrum this spring, but I’m leaning most towards the tune of Tokyo, layered over a tee shirt and tucked into jeans.”


“What I like most about summer is that you can get away with almost anything – i.e. vintage, striped tee-shirts paired with classic tailored trousers and finished with a brown suede boot. As the classic saying goes – the magic is in the mix.”


“Nothing says ‘summer mastered’ quite like a linen suit. Whether it’s your cousin’s kid’s confirmation or your best bud’s wedding – you can rest assured that suiting in the summer sun isn’t death by heat exhaustion. Keep it cool with a crisp Pima cotton tee and mosey on over to the plate of cold beverages that just zipped past you.”