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    Black Friday | SELECTED
  1. Black Friday

    Looking for the best Black Friday deals? Look no further! Here you will find high-quality womenswear and menswear at a great discount.

    Are Black Friday deals actually good?

    If you are not sure if Black Friday deals are any good, you haven’t visited SELECTED online store yet. You will find here all the best styles at the great price. And, as there is no other day such as Black Friday, we always make sure to prepare unique and special offers which make that day even more remarkable, both for women and men. Surely we all want to look good.

    We all know that one of the best feelings is to buy some new and fashionable clothing, but it’s even better to purchase them with a discount, isn’t it? So don’t wait until the styles you are interested in are out of stock and let us prove that Black Friday deals are actually very good!

    At SELECTED, we have great offers all year round, so don’t hesitate to check our discounted female and male collections.

    When is Black Friday?

    Black Friday is an unofficial holiday celebrated a day after American Thanksgiving, on the fourth Friday of November. In the beginning, the shopping holiday was popular only in the United States but now, we can enjoy all the great offers all over the world. Even though not everyone is celebrating Thanksgiving, it is safe to say that everyone will enjoy shopping and some amazing deals.

    And do not forget about Cyber Monday! More special deals are just a few days away.