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Men’s checked blazers by SELECTED HOMME

Some things stay the same for a reason, and nothing illustrates this better than the timeless look of a checked blazer. With its classic and vintage-inspired look, a men’s checked blazer is a style staple even in the modern man’s wardrobe. Tailoring is our speciality here at SELECTED HOMME, and we infuse modernity, craftsmanship, and our Scandinavian heritage into every garment we design. Whether you're dressing for a formal event, a business meeting, a night out, or a casual gathering, our men’s checked blazers are a surefire way to score some styling points. Embrace the eternal feel of a checked blazer and discover our collection now.

Timeless designs with a modern twist

When it comes to checks, no two patterns are the same. Checked blazers are a sophisticated way to elevate your look and are a clear sign that someone knows their tailoring. Our most popular patterns include the timeless windowpane check and the versatile glen check. Below, we’ve added a short explanation of each print and how they can take your tailoring to the next level.

The windowpane check is characterised by bold, widely spaced, and intersecting lines that create a windowpane-like effect. It’s an excellent choice for adding visual interest to your outfit, looks great with solid-coloured dress shirts, and complements both formal and casual attire. The Glen check is a small and subtle check pattern that often features muted tones. It’s incredibly versatile and suitable for a range of occasions where timeless elegance is required. You can find even more patterns and prints in the rest of our collection.

How to style your checked blazer

Checked blazers are more versatile than you might think. Although they have a distinct look to them, checked blazers can be worn any time of year and for multiple different occasions. This adaptability makes them a wardrobe favourite that also adds some personality to the wearer’s look. From long days at the office to formal events, here are some tips on how to adapt your tailoring depending on what’s on your agenda:

  • At the office: A men’s checked blazer is a go-to when it comes to dressing for your 9-to-5. Go for a navy or black blazer in a Glen check that can be styled with many different colours and textures. Wear it with a button-up shirt and the matching suit trousers from our collection.
  • At a wedding: When attending formal events such as weddings, a checked blazer ensures you stand out from the crowd. Worn as a two-piece suit and paired with a silk tie, it’s the epitome of elegance.
  • On the weekend: A checked blazer in a sleek windowpane check paired with a clean-cut T-shirt, mid-wash jeans, and trainers is a confident choice that combines casual and formalwear in one.
  • At night: Go all out with a checked blazer to make a great first impression. Layer it over a soft and ultra-thin Merino wool jumper and pair it with some leather boots for a clean and sleek look.

Elevate your tailoring collection

Every blazer in our collection is designed to offer an impeccable, tailored fit. Our men’s checked blazers are crafted with the utmost attention to quality and comfort, ensuring you look and feel amazing when you wear them. Whether you’re dressing for success at work or making lasting impressions at formal occasions, our blazers stand as timeless garments that have the power to transform your look and elevate your style. Embrace SELECTED HOMME’s take on classic tailoring and find your favourite fit. Join our Customer Club to receive exclusive discounts and news and shop online at today.