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Elevate your style with a half-zip jumper

Timeless knitwear is a SELECTED signature. One of our bestselling styles is the half zip jumper, a versatile and classic piece of knitwear crafted for year-round comfort. Suitable for weekends and smart-casual days at the office alike, a zip-up jumper transcends trends and has an enduring appeal that makes you want to wear it again and again. Their sleek design adds a sophisticated touch to any look, and the zip element can be done up or left open depending on your preference.

Go for a classic wool style for an effortlessly sophisticated feel or try a textured or cable-knit version for a slightly more relaxed look. A zip-up jumper is also ideal for transitional weather, as the zipper feature can be used to regulate your body temperature and makes it easier to put on and take off. All our knits come in flattering fits that accentuate your natural build and make layering that much more simple. From neutrals to vibrant reds and blues, there’s a 1/4 zip jumper for every taste and style. Discover our collection now and make the most out of your wardrobe.

Versatile wardrobe essential for the modern man

At SELECTED, we believe in designing pieces that last a lifetime. Part of this is making sure our knitwear for men is ultra-versatile, offering endless ways to style it no matter the occasion. A zip up jumper can transition seamlessly from casual to more formal occasions, be it from weekend hangouts with friends to a long day at the desk. They have the refined look of traditional knitwear with the more casual element of the open neckline, making them easy to wear. For a laid-back vibe, a half zip jumper can be worn over a simple T-shirt with your favourite jeans; pair a bold colour like red or green with some light-wash denim and a more muted beige or black with something darker. For something more formal, a zip jumper can be layered over a shirt. An Oxford shirt is a classic office staple for a reason, whereas a printed shirt adds a pop of personality. Pull down the zipper to show off your tailored collar underneath. Add a pair of chinos or formal trousers to nail the smart-casual dress code. Once you have a tried-and-true jumper, you’ll be ready to go anywhere, anytime.

Inspired by our own Nordic heritage, all our knitwear is designed to keep you warm when the temperatures drop. Wool knitwear, especially, has superior insulation powers that ensure you’ll stay warm while remaining cool and dry. Wool regulates body temperature through its breathable and moisture-wicking properties and is also an extremely durable material; it doesn’t need to be washed or cared for as often as other fibres due to its natural stain and odour resistance. As a bonus, wool clothing is great at retaining its shape, is wrinkle-resistant, and can even be machine washed. For that extra touch of luxury, merino wool is especially fine and soft against your skin.

Maximise your knitwear collection with a half zip jumper that offers versatility and comfort while looking effortlessly sharp. SELECTED Homme’s offering of zip jumpers caters to the modern man’s needs and ensures you’ll always be the best dressed in the room. Explore our offering and shop online today.