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Women’s striped knitwear

When it comes to women's fashion, striped knitwear stands out as a quintessential classic. Whether it's a cosy jumper, a stylish cardigan, or an elegant knitted dress, stripes add a touch of sophistication and playfulness to your outfit. Here at SELECTED FEMME, we’ve embraced this timeless trend and added our own Scandinavian touch to it, creating knitwear that’s simple yet striking. From classic, nautical-inspired Breton stripes to bold and colourful iterations, you’ll find a whole range of designs in our collection to suit your mood in our collection. Explore our striped knitwear now and discover the allure of this captivating print.

Stripes that epitomise style and comfort

Fashion’s love of stripes is nothing new. Stripes have been a defining print for centuries but were popularised in the early 20th century after fashion houses became inspired by nautical uniforms. Over time, stripes evolved to become a symbol of chic and timeless fashion, and their simplicity and versatility have made them an enduring choice for women’s wardrobes.

At SELECTED FEMME, we offer a wide selection of striped knitwear. Our designs are inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics and are a testament to expert craftsmanship and tailoring. We offer a range of striped knitwear styles, including pullovers, cardigans, knitted dresses, and more, each with its unique charm. Our jumpers feature a variety of stripe patterns, from classic Breton stripes that exude timeless elegance to bold and contemporary prints that make a statement. Whether you prefer monochromatic hues or striking colour combinations, our collection has something for everyone.

Stripes are also surprisingly easy to style. On the weekend, a bold, colour-block striped jumper works wonders when paired with straight-leg jeans and a pair of trainers. Once Monday rolls around, opt for a striped monochromatic cardigan and layer it over a crisp shirt and a pair of tailored wide-leg trousers. Add a thin leather belt and a matching leather bag to tie the look together. For something slightly dressier, choose a striped knitted dress and accessorise with sleek, heeled ankle boots and a leather jacket. Whatever’s on your agenda, our striped knitwear is up for the challenge.

Discover your unique style in our selection of striped knitwear

At SELECTED FEMME, we believe that quality is non-negotiable. Our commitment to craftsmanship is reflected in the choice of fabrics for our striped knitwear. We use a range of materials, including cotton, wool, Merino wool, and alpaca wool, ensuring that each piece is not only fashionable but also comfortable and soft against your skin.

Cotton is ultra-breathable and helps keep you comfortable in any season. It’s also soft and even hypoallergenic, allowing you to wear your striped knitwear with ease and elegance. Wool, known for its warmth and insulation properties, is a classic choice for winter wear. Our woollen striped knitwear ensures you stay cosy while embracing the timeless charm of stripes. For those seeking a touch of luxury, our Merino wool and alpaca wool options provide a softer and finer texture, making them perfect for delicate, high-quality knitwear.

When shopping for striped knitwear, it's important to consider the type of stripe you want. The right choice will not only enhance your appearance but also boost your confidence. If you have a petite frame, opt for thin stripes that create an illusion of height and elongate your silhouette. If you have a curvier figure, vertical stripes can help accentuate your natural shape, while diagonal stripes can add a touch of uniqueness to your look. Always remember that fashion has no rules and that whatever makes you feel good is never a bad choice.

Shop your knitwear at SELECTED FEMME

As you explore our selection of striped knitwear, you'll find that the distinct charm and elegance of our garments are what sets SELECTED FEMME apart. Our Scandinavian approach to design emphasises simplicity, functionality, and timelessness. Every piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to creating long-lasting, high-quality garments.

Our collection of striped knitwear for women offers a wide range of styles and fabrics to suit every taste and need. With a focus on high-quality materials and versatility, SELECTED FEMME is the ultimate destination for those seeking classic and timeless knitwear. Shop online today to elevate your wardrobe and embrace the enduring elegance of striped knitwear with SELECTED FEMME.