Double breasted blazers

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Selected CLASSIC DOUBLE-BREASTED BLAZER, Black, highres - 16090469_Black_003.jpg
kr 799,95 kr 1.599,95

Introducing our men’s double breasted blazers

In the world of tailoring, the double breasted blazer reigns supreme. SELECTED HOMME’s double breasted blazers for men exude elegance and sophistication, seamlessly blending our modern Scandinavian tendencies with traditional craftsmanship.

Double-breasted blazers have earned their place as a cornerstone of men's tailoring, and for good reason. Their distinctive silhouette, characterized by overlapping front panels and multiple buttons, displays a sense of authority and confidence that is unmatched in the realm of menswear. Discover our collection of men’s double breasted blazers and find your new favourite fit.

The timeless appeal of the double breasted design

One of the most compelling aspects of double breasted blazers is their timeless appeal. Whether you're dressing for a formal event, a business meeting, or an evening out, these blazers are versatile choices that can adapt to various occasions. When properly tailored, they enhance your natural physique, creating a streamlined effect and lending an air of sharpness to your overall look.

SELECTED HOMME’s commitment to expert craftsmanship ensures that all of our suits are made to last a lifetime. Our use of materials and attention to design makes each piece a timeless yet stylish addition to your collection. In our range, you’ll find blazers made with fabrics like wool, cotton, and linen in classic checks, sleek pinstripes, and versatile neutrals.

SELECTED HOMME also takes pride in its commitment to sustainability. Our range includes double breasted blazers crafted from recycled materials, catering to the environmentally conscious man and reflecting our journey towards a more circular future.

Styling your new blazer

Now that you've chosen your double-breasted blazer from SELECTED HOMME, it's time to explore how to style it for various occasions. Here are three versatile suggestions for whatever is on your agenda:

  • At the office: When it comes to making a sharp impression, look no further than a double button blazer. Pair a black or navy blue blazer with a crisp white shirt and matching trousers from our collection, and add a pair of Oxfords and a silk tie to complete your look.
  • Summer wedding: A linen blazer is perfect for those balmy summer weddings. Opt for a light pastel colour to suit the mood and style it with a patterned shirt for some personality. Finish the ensemble with suede loafers for some added texture.
  • Casual charm: Double breasted blazers aren’t reserved for formal events alone. Wear a vintage-inspired checked blazer with a white T-shirt and light-wash denim for a look that exudes casual charm.

Classic tailoring by SELECTED HOMME

At SELECTED HOMME, we believe that true style is timeless and that every man deserves to exude elegance and confidence in his attire. Our collection of double breasted blazers for men is a testament to this philosophy, offering a range of designs and fabrications that cater to the modern man's discerning taste. From casual evenings to formal events, our blazers have a versatility to them that makes them a true wardrobe essential. Shop our tailoring collection today and embrace the enduring charm of the double-breasted blazer with SELECTED HOMME.