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Linen men’s trousers by SELECTED HOMME

As the days get brighter and the temperatures start to rise, you know it’s time to freshen up your seasonal wardrobe. This year, why not go for something timeless like linen? At SELECTED HOMME, we bring you a collection of linen men’s trousers that combine our Scandinavian heritage, expert craftsmanship, and expertise in exquisite tailoring. Linen trousers are ideal for spring and summer climates due to their lightweight and breathable qualities, making them ultra-comfortable and versatile pieces to style. Choose from a range of fits, colours, and styles, and get ready to embrace the most spectacular season of the year with SELECTED HOMME’s linen men’s trousers.

Linen: A timeless and versatile fabric

Linen is a natural fibre derived from the flax plant and offers a unique blend of qualities that makes it an undeniable choice for stylish summer apparel. Not only are our linen men’s trousers sophisticated and sharp, but they’re also remarkably versatile. We offer linen trousers in slim, straight, relaxed, and regular fits, making it easy for you to find your new perfect pair.

What makes linen so special is its remarkable breathability and moisture-wicking properties. It allows air to circulate, keeping you cool and comfortable even when the sun is at its peak. This makes our linen trousers excellent choices for hot summer afternoons, as linen’s natural cooling effect ensures you stay dry even after the day has ended.

Linen has also remained a fan-favourite due to its durability. Linen fibres are extremely strong, meaning your new linen men’s trousers will maintain their structure and shape even with frequent wear. Our commitment to expert craftsmanship and high-quality fabrication ensures your linen garments are made to last, becoming go-to garments that you can reach for again and again.

How to find your best fit

In the world of men’s trousers, one size doesn’t really fit all; it’s all about the proportions and cut, which is where our styling guide comes in. Our linen men’s trousers are available in many different fits, including classic slim fits, relaxed loose fits, and polished tapered fits. Below, you’ll find some of our bestselling styles and learn more about each type of cut:

  • Slim Fit: Slim-fit linen trousers are a timeless choice and exude a modern and tailored look. Ideal for those who prefer a more fitted and fashionable style, especially those with a slim or athletic build.
  • Straight Fit: Straight-fit trousers, with their consistent width from hip to ankle, are suitable for both casual and semi-formal looks. They’re flattering for a whole range of builds, and provide the perfect level of comfort for everyday wear.
  • Tapered Fit: Tapered trousers are narrower at the ankle compared to the knee, creating a modern and streamlined appearance. They provide a tailored fit without sacrificing comfort and are ideal for those who want a refined look with a bit more room than a slim fit.
  • Loose Fit: Our loose fit linen men’s trousers offer a relaxed and casual style, with more room in the hips and thighs. They offer maximum comfort with a generous cut, but still manage to look perfectly put-together. Perfect for casual occasions.

Styling your new linen men’s trousers

SELECTED HOMME’s linen trousers for men are a versatile wardrobe staple for the warmer months. The advantage of SELECTED HOMME’s linen men’s trousers is that they adapt to your style and can be both dressed up and down to suit the occasion. On a casual summer day, wear your linen trousers with a simple T-shirt and leather sandals, or go for a resort vibe with a short-sleeved floral-printed shirt. For something that is guaranteed to keep you cool and collected, pair your linen men’s trousers with a linen shirt in a matching or complimentary colour. Roll up the sleeves for a laid-back look. You can also browse our collection of linen shorts for a breezier alternative.

Linen is also suitable for more formal moments, like office wear and special occasions. Some slim-fitting linen trousers pair nicely with a crisp shirt and leather loafers, especially if you choose a classic tone like navy or beige. Our linen men’s trousers can also be dressed up with a blazer for a late-night summer dinner and even styled as a linen suit for an outdoor or beach wedding. Simply add a silk pocket square as a finishing touch.

Embrace the feel of linen with SELECTED HOMME

Linen is undoubtably a warm-weather favourite when it comes to menswear, thanks to its classic look and unbeatable moisture-wicking properties. SELECTED HOMME’s linen men’s trousers are designed to keep you cool in the sun while also making sure you look your best. Whether you go for a timeless slim fit, a relaxed loose fit, or something in between, there’s a pair of trousers waiting for you in our collection. Discover the enduring appeal of linen and dive into our linen men’s trouser collection today.