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Selected A-LINE DENIM SKIRT, Medium Blue Denim, highres - 16083287_MediumBlueDenim_003.jpg
kr 639,95 kr 799,95
Selected HIGH WAIST MIDI SKIRT, Black, highres - 16084991_Black_003.jpg
kr 299,95 kr 599,95
Selected FLOUNCED LEATHER SKIRT, Black, highres - 16083690_Black_003.jpg
kr 1.039,95 kr 1.299,95
Selected KNITTED MIDI SKIRT, Sandshell, highres - 16081731_Sandshell_003.jpg
kr 279,95 kr 699,95
Selected QUILTED KNEE-LENGTH SKIRT, Black, highres - 16082393_Black_003.jpg
kr 399,95 kr 999,95
Petite Collection
Selected PETITE MIDI SKIRT, Sandshell, highres - 16084006_Sandshell_003.jpg
kr 349,95 kr 699,95
Selected MIDI LEATHER SKIRT, Black, highres - 16081724_Black_003.jpg
kr 1.259,95 kr 1.799,95
Selected HIGH WAISTED LEATHER SKIRT, Black, highres - 16082743_Black_003.jpg
kr 1.199,95 kr 1.999,95
Selected ORGANIC COTTON A-LINE DENIM SKIRT, Light Blue Denim, highres - 16079191_LightBlueDenim_003.jpg
kr 319,95 kr 799,95
Selected LAMB LEATHER SHORT - SKIRT, Rubber, highres - 16079670_Rubber_003.jpg
kr 449,95 kr 1.499,95
+2 Colours
Selected HIGH WAIST ORGANIC COTTON DENIM SKIRT, Light Blue Denim, highres - 16078030_LightBlueDenim_003.jpg
Selected KNITTED - MINI SKIRT, Black, highres - 16075485_Black_003.jpg
kr 199,95 kr 499,95
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Skirts on SALE

A great sale will put a smile on any girl's face. We're quite sure our skirt sale will do just that for you! It's loaded with amazing styles at amazing prices – what's not to love about that? A maxi skirt is the sophisticated choice, whereas a denim skirt is a more casual and chic option. Both are amazing - and both are on sale! The beautiful thing about skirts is that you can dress them up or down according to the situation at hand. The same leather skirt can be the perfect party option when paired with a blouse and a casual everyday pick when combined with a jumper. Your choice of shoes will also define how your skirt will appear. Browse our skirts sale below – maybe a mini, lace, pencil, midi, a-line or floral skirt will tempt you.