This is an on-going series that celebrates the places we love and feel a deep connection to. At SELECTED, we believe that travel is not just about ticking off bucket list items or following well-trodden paths. It's about forging authentic connections with the people, cultures, and landscapes that make a place truly special.


With SELECTED DESTINATIONS, we want to inspire and inform curious travelers like you, shining a light on the hidden gems, local experiences, and off-the-beaten-path adventures we believe deserve to be explored and appreciated.

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A quaint fishing village turned surf mecca. Klitmøller charms visitors in the summer with its sandy beaches, inviting eateries, and shops offering locally-made souvenirs and handicrafts. But Klitmøller's real draw is the chance to catch the North Sea's brisk winds and surf alongside people from around the world. A laid-back coastal vibe meets an active surf culture in this unassuming yet alluring seaside destination.

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Step into the newly renovated Bistro 123 and be enveloped in classic French bistro ambiance with a cozy, homely Danish twist. Bistro 123 is part of the three units at Vorupør Seaside Hotel, and serves up French rustic dishes, based on seasonal local ingredients. Whether you're a Vorupør regular popping in for morning pastries and coffee, a visitor seeking an exceptional bistro dinner, or a local looking to indulge in convivial conversation over a few drinks, you'll feel instantly at home.

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The coastal region between Agger and Hanstholm in Thy, North Jutland, is known as "Cold Hawaii" due to its wind conditions being similar to those found in Hawaii. A regular Surfer's Paradise, you will find no less than 31 amazing surfing spots ideal for wave-, wind-, kite- and stand up paddle surfing.

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Tucked away in the coastal village of Agger, Restaurant Tri is a bright, airy space that offers beautiful views of the dunes and crashing waves of the North Sea. The passionate chef-owners craft an ever-changing menu using the absolute freshest seasonal ingredients from local farmers, foragers, and fishermen. Expect creative yet unpretentious dishes that let the pure, natural flavors of responsibly-sourced seafood, meats, produce, and wild edibles shine. A celebration of Thy's terroir through innovative and delicious modern Danish cuisine.

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This unassuming little eatery is a true local gem by Hanstholm harbor. Grab a seat at the counter or breezy outdoor tables and dig into unpretentious dishes with a focus on simplicity, quality and flavour. The intimate, lively atmosphere has you rubbing elbows with locals over tall tales and laughter that make you feel right at home. For an authentic taste of Thy, this low-key spot absolutely hits the spot.

DEST. 06


With the cozy double rooms offering colorful details and unique flair and beautiful views of the dunes and ocean waves, Vorupør Badehotel invites you into the heart of maritime village life in Denmarks Nationalpark Thy. Owned by four local friends, the hotel is bustling with community spirit - Strike up a conversation with the locals, surfers or fellow travelers on the sunny front steps, grab a bite in the bistro within, or check out the surfshop residing in the same building for an authentic west coast experience