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Selected LONG SLEEVED T-SHIRT, Sky Captain, highres - 16086364_SkyCaptain_003.jpg
zł 111,95 zł 159,99
Selected LONG SLEEVED T-SHIRT, Rosin, highres - 16086364_Rosin_003.jpg
zł 95,95 zł 159,99
Selected CREW NECK LONG-SLEEVED T-SHIRT, Black, highres - 16080127_Black_003.jpg
zł 94,45 zł 134,99
Selected CREW NECK LONG-SLEEVED T-SHIRT, Navy Blazer, highres - 16080127_NavyBlazer_003.jpg
zł 94,45 zł 134,99
Selected TURTLENECK LONG SLEEVED TOP, Bright White, highres - 16081962_BrightWhite_003.jpg
zł 82,45 zł 164,99

Mens Long Sleeve T-shirts & Tops

What's more perfect for a classic casual look than men's long-sleeve t-shirts? Pretty much nothing. A long-sleeved t-shirt ensures a sleek and stylish look – and best of all: it's an incredibly versatile piece. A long-sleeve polo t-shirt is ideal when you're going for a formal look. Pair it with formal shoes, suit trousers and a nice leather belt. Our top sellers are the plain black and white long-sleeve t-shirts, but we also have styles with stripes. No matter which design you choose to go with it will match a pair of regular fit trousers effortlessly. Find our entire selection below.