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Selected SPORTS INSPIRED MINIMALIST SHORTS, Light Mahogany, highres - 16079011_LightMahogany_003.jpg
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Men's Shorts

A pair of men's shorts should form the cornerstone of every man's warm-weather wardrobe. Comfortable and relaxed, shorts for men are the perfect sunny day fall-back. As a breezy alternative to trousers and chinos – especially during summer – shorts for men can only be considered a warm-weather essential. Whether you prefer your shorts cargo, chino, or combat, our range of men's shorts has got you covered. Wear your summer shorts with a shirt and denim for smart-casual events, or simply with a t-shirt for days spend poolside. While every man should own at least one pair of denim shorts, a varied selection of shorts also includes tailored and cotton shorts, available in contemporary and classic colors like khaki, black and white. Looking for swimwear? Find it here