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Selected SLIM FIT BLAZER, Rifle Green, highres - 16075073_RifleGreen_003.jpg
zł 187,95 zł 469,99
Selected CHECKED SINGLE-BREASTED BLAZER, Navy Blazer, highres - 16087872_NavyBlazer_1033696_003.jpg
zł 419,95 zł 839,99
Selected CHECKED SINGLE-BREASTED BLAZER, Ermine, highres - 16088501_Ermine_1002701_003.jpg
zł 279,95 zł 699,99
Selected SLIM FIT BLAZER, Dark Green, highres - 16086783_DarkGreen_003.jpg
zł 454,95 zł 649,99
Selected SLIM FIT BLAZER, Bright Cobalt, highres - 16088563_BrightCobalt_003.jpg
zł 299,95 zł 599,99
Selected FORMAL BLAZER, Dark Sapphire, highres - 16086851_DarkSapphire_003.jpg
zł 239,95 zł 599,99
Selected SLIM FIT TROUSERS, Dark Green, highres - 16086784_DarkGreen_003.jpg
zł 237,95 zł 339,99
Selected CHECKED SINGLE-BREASTED BLAZER, Dark Olive, highres - 16090331_DarkOlive_1041112_003.jpg
zł 468,95 zł 669,99
Selected WOVEN BLAZER, Camel, highres - 16087868_Camel_003.jpg
zł 489,95 zł 699,99


Selected SLIM FIT BLAZER, Light Blue, highres - 16088463_LightBlue_1013379_008.jpg
zł 324,95 zł 649,99
Selected CHECKED TROUSERS, Navy Blazer, highres - 16087873_NavyBlazer_1033697_003.jpg
zł 234,95 zł 469,99
Selected SLIM FIT SUIT TROUSERS, Bright Cobalt, highres - 16088564_BrightCobalt_003.jpg
zł 169,95 zł 339,99
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Mens Suits Sale

Formal wear on sale? Yes, why not? Formal clothes are known for their classic cuts and timeless designs. Shop our formal wear on sale to save a bit of money when you have the chance. We have plenty of luxurious men's suits on sale. The quality is impeccable, and the fit is sleek and comfortable. You'll look good and you'll feel even better. A full suit may not be what you're looking for, so we also have men's blazers and formal trousers on sale. Both are great options for semi-formal events. We have suits in black, grey, blue and navy – essentially, the colours you'll never go wrong with. No formal look is complete without a shirt. If you really want to polish of the outfit, opt for dress shoes, a tie and a nice belt – find it on sale here. Check out the rest of our sale here.